For some offenders, home detention may be an option. The law requires 15-plus days of home detention in exchange for a one-day jail sentence. For two-day jail sentences, the requirement is 30-plus days of home detention.

The penalties are much higher for repeat offenders. If there was a prior conviction for a Seattle DUI within seven years of the arrest and the BAC reading was under .15, the minimum sentence is 30 days in jail followed by 60 days of electronic home detention. If the BAC reading was .15 or higher or refused, the minimum sentence is 45 days in jail followed by 90 days electronic home detention.

Electronic home detention is essentially “electronic jail” served in your home. Wearing an electronic ankle bracelet is required at all times while in detention. This ankle bracelet will record and report your location at all times. It also monitors movement, and if the wearer goes beyond the pre-established distance, a computer calls the central monitoring computer to report the violation.

For those who opt for a home detention sentence rather than jail time, there is a large electronic home detention fee that the offender is required to pay; it is approximately $20 to $50 per day depending on the jurisdiction.


As mentioned above, an IID is a breath testing machine that is connected to the wiring of a car and prevents the car from starting if the driver has alcohol on their breath. An IID may be required for at least one year after the license has been reinstated and is also required if an offender wishes to driver during the administrative license suspension.

The use of an ignition interlock device may be required by the by the DOL for up to 10 years. First-time offenses require one year IID use, second offenses require the use of an IID for five years, and a third offense or more will require a 10-year IID. Anyone who cannot go without a license until the suspension has been lifted can apply for an “ignition interlock license.” With this license, one is permitted to drive as long as the vehicle is equipped with an ignition interlock device. Learn how much a first DUI offense in Seattle usually costs.


Although not widely known, according to Washington state DUI laws, probation violations are dealt with very harshly. Five-year probation conditions include: not driving a motor vehicle without a valid license or insurance, not driving a vehicle with an alcohol concentration of .08 or more within two hours of driving, and not refusing to submit to a test of breath or blood upon lawful request.

If any of the DUI probation violations do occur, the law states, “the court shall order the convicted person to be confined for thirty days, which shall not be suspended or deferred.”

Hiring a Seattle DUI attorney should be highly considered after an arrest. Having an experienced DUI defense attorney at your side will ensure your rights are protected throughout the process and may result in charges or penalties being reduced or dropped. DUI attorneys are also able to help make the court process much simpler and less stressful for you.

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